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DeepMindRelaxation - meditative music

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Music for Tai chi, Chi Gong and Yoga. Also usable for relaxing....
Userd instruments: Gu Zheng, Gongs, Bamboo Flutes, Percussion, Erhu a.o.

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nice vocal Track for Meditation and Relaxation
duration: 9:39 min
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Floating impressions using Dizi, Erhu, Perkussion, Voice...As background for Tai Chi and Chi Gong.

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Mp3 format - zip file - 21,9 MB - 10 min 40 duration


Music for Tai chi, Chi Gong and Yoga. Also usable for just relaxing....
Used Instruments: Erhu(chinesische Geige), Harp u.a.

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Mp3 Format - Zip File- 9,68 MB - 4 min 38


music  for Meditation and Relaxation
used instrumentes: piano, flutes, drums, didgeridoo, oud, synth

duration: 41,56 min
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Die Musik zur den Basisübungen des Chan Mi Gong
Dauer: 31,58 min

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Use this track as backgroundmusic while working, studying, reading, writing, while, dreaming, and so on.

Instruments: Gongs, Tibet Bowls, Chimes and other

duration: 2 hours

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