S.E.C.O.T. Project

Background to project S.E.C.O.T.
Thoughts are useful, but most of the time they occupy our past and future. For this reason it is important, that we take an opportunity to clear our thoughts and enter a state of mental equalibrium. The question is, how?
To „be“ lasts only a moment - There is only „now“. Only within this „now“ can we free ourselves from disturbing thoughts. Self-confidence, creativity, imagination, healing and inner balance lie within this waking state.

What is S.E.C.O.T. 
S.E.C.O.T. is a music and sound-experience which takes advantage of the incapability of our brain to focus on multiple events simultaneously. Our focus automatically follows moving objects or sounds. This trait has evolved over time and has proven necessary for human existence. The S.E.C.O.T. project uses different sound layers that continually change their panoramic position, grabbing the listener´s attention. With each added level our brain begins to overload, „gives up“, and enters a state of deep relaxation.





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